Borgo Casalvento | Autumn in Tuscany at Borgo Casalvento
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Autumn in Tuscany at Borgo Casalvento

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Orange, Red, Yellow,Brown. These are the colors that paint the Tuscan hills in Autumn . This is the most romantic period of the year , where you stay at home, near the fireplace, with a glass of red wine and with hot “castagne” or tasty “loti”. This is also the period of oil harvest, an important italian tradition, where all the family gathers to pick olives all together. And Borgo Casalvento is the right place where you can relish this atmosphere: you can enjoy oil from the new harvest, you can taste “loti” taking from tree and then relax in our new Jacuzzi Area surrounded by the quiet hills of Tuscany.

Fall… in love with Borgo Casalvento, Tuscany Country Relais!


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